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International Conference on Environmental Enrichment Committee


The ICEE Committee was created in 1995 to ensure the successful continuation of the ICEE conferences. The committee oversees all aspects of the application process for future conference hosts, selects future conference venues, advises the current ICEE host upon request, and conducts the business meetings.


The committeeŐs ten current members are:

Dr. David Shepherdson, Oregon Zoo (United States of America)

Valerie Hare, The Shape of Enrichment (United States of America)

Karen Worley, The Shape of Enrichment (United States of America)

Margaret Hawkins, Taronga Conservation Society Australia (Australia)

Dr. Don Moore, National Zoo (United States of America)

Dr. Harald Schwammer, Vienna Zoo (Austria)

Julian Chapman, Paignton Zoo (United Kingdom)

Kris Coleman, Oregon National Primate Research Center (United States of America)

Robynn Ingle-Mšller, National Zoological Gardens of South Africa (South Africa)

Cristiane Pizzutto, Universidade de S‹o Paulo (Brazil)


If you are interested in submitting a bid to host a future ICEE, please contact the committee secretary, Margaret Hawkins. Bids are now being accepted for the 11th ICEE to be held in 2013.



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