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Conference/Workshop Calendar

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10th International Conference on Environmental Enrichment
Summer, 2011 Portland, Oregon, USA tester.enrichment.org/miniwebfile.php?Region=ICEE&File=10icee.html&File2=10icee_sb.html&NotFlag=1 
3rd Training and Enrichment Workshop
16-20 Nov 2009 Oakland Zoo, CA, USA indu22@earthlink.net 
1st Indonesia Shape of Enrichment Workshop
19-22 Nov 2009 Ragunan Zoo, Jakarta  
2009 International Congress of Zookeepers / AAZK Annual Conference
26-28 Sep, 2009 Seattle, WA, USA www.iczoo.org 
Bear Care Group Biennial Conference
6-8 Nov, 2009 San Francisco Zoo, CA, USA www.bearcaregroup.org 
Enrichment Symposium at American Association for Laboratory Animal Science
8 Nov, 2009 Denver, CO, USA  
3rd UK-Ireland Regional Environmental Enrichment Conference
10-12 May 2010 Marwell Zoo, Marwell, UK  
2010 American Association of Zoo Keepers Annual Conference
August 2010 Philadelphia, PA, USA www.aazk.org 
2011 American Association of Zoo Keepers Annual Conference
24-28 Aug, 2011 San Diego, CA, USA www.aazk.org 
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