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Environmental enrichment has become a well-known phrase in the world’s zoological, laboratory, farm, and companion animal institutions. In fact, many industries and institutions have regulations concerning the provision of enrichment to animals in captivity.


Yet, many people, even animal-care professionals maintain a limited view of what the term environmental enrichment actually encompasses. So often, it is considered to be simply “toys” and “feeders.” But enrichment is far more than that. It is one of the two primary methods for caretakers to address their concerns about the animal’s behavior and physical and psychological welfare.


Our website provides a basic overview to environmental enrichment, including a definition of enrichment and an introduction to its key principles: individual, holistic, goal-directed, and assessed enrichment plans.


For many years, The Shape of Enrichment has responded to enrichment challenges presented by our readers. These challenges are submitted to a variety of enrichment professionals and their responses are printed in The Shape of Enrichment quarterly.


Since an enriched environment is, by definition, more dangerous than a sterile environment, safety is of utmost importance. In response to popular demand at the 2007 International Conference on Environmental Enrichment in Vienna, Austria, The Shape of Enrichment website now hosts a safety page and searchable safety database.


The Shape of Enrichment, Inc. is dedicated to furthering the exchange of enrichment ideas. Around the world, many institutions and organizations share our interest in enrichment concepts and applications. Some of those organizations are listed on the related links page.


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