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Author Guidelines for The International Conference on Environmental Enrichment Proceedings        


The Shape of Enrichment, Inc. now publishes the ICEE proceedings. It is our policy to publish the oral presentation, posters, video abstracts, and notes from other major topics (e.g. panel discussions) occurring during the conference.


These proceedings are not peer-reviewed. We understand that many authors wish to publish their scientific papers in a peer-reviewed journal. If that is the case, please consider submitting an extended abstract for the conference proceedings.


Guidelines for authors of papers and posters in this proceedings are below. For more information, contact Valerie Hare.




Articles and photos, graphs, drawings, etc. may be submitted via e-mail or posted to the address below. Please be sure to include your e-mail, telephone number, and other contact information.

Article Submission

1650 Minden Dr.,

San Diego, CA 92111 U.S.A.


Text must be submitted in an MS Word document or a rich-text (RTF) formatted document.


Do NOT embed any graphics (photos, graphs, diagrams, etc.) in the text file! Tables may be included in the text file. Note your recommended placement for all graphics in the text file by entering specific placement instructions in the proper place (e.g. PLACE FIG 1 HERE). The editors will place each graphic as close to the desired position as possible.


Provide all table and figure captions at the end of the text file. Be sure to properly label and number the captions to correspond with the graphic (see below).


All tables must be labeled in order of their reference and/or placement in the paper (e.g. the first table referred to is “Table 1”, the next, “Table 2”, and so on). Every other graphic (photos, diagram, graphs, etc.) is a “Figure”. All figures must be labeled according to reference/placement, as well.


Please do NOT use any format styles or page breaks.


Photographs and drawings must be submitted as jpg, tiff, giff, or png files. EACH graphic MUST be in its own file. Do NOT include text in the graphics.


Graphs must be submitted in MS Excel in black-and-white format. These will be edited for text style and coloring/patterns as needed.


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