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Welcome to SHAPE—Africa

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Welcome to our website. Future releases, each allowing us to enhance our services to you, are in progress for 2011. Check “Website News” under “New!” on the menu bar frequently for updates.


As this site is still a work in progress, we would love to receive your constructive comments – what works, what doesn’t, and what else would you like to see!


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Some current and future services on this site (e.g., downloading publications, online ordering, credit card payment) require registration. Registered users are able to receive email notification of publication dates, website upgrades, and major events.

Registration is free. Register by clicking on “Register” under “Login” on the menu bar  or by clicking on the register/login image button on the front page. Registration information is for The Shape of Enrichment, Inc. and Shape—Regionals use only.

Please make note of your user name and password when you register. If you forget either in the future, e-mail us and we will send you your user name or reset your password for you (your password is encrypted and even we cannot see it). At this time, this is NOT an automated response and the response will not be immediate.

You may update this information at any time by logging in and clicking on your name on the left side of the purple “animal bar” or by selecting “Logout” >> “Update Profile”.







Welcome to SHAPE—Africa



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